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We Build Websites

We Build…

We believe in providing our clients with not only a beautifully designed and efficient website that is search engine friendly, but also the tools and knowledge to manage and grow this themselves. We will, of course, mentor and assist our clients with managing their websites when and where needed, but our solutions usually include a full suite of content management and promotion tools.

Whatever the size, budget, sector or service Eseyo are capable and eager to assist you with your next website design project.

We Optimise

We Optimise…

Having an attractive website is all well and good, but it needs to work for your business. Our speciality is to get your site listed at the top of Google when your customers search for relevant queries. We have comprehensive and flexible Search Engine Optimisation solutions to fit with all websites.

Our conversion optimisation services make sure that the visitors to your website can have an easy journey and find exactly what it is that they are looking for. Improving your website conversion is a huge success factor for most websites.

We Promote

We Promote…

A successful website and online identity needs constant attention and promotion. We will work with you to continually improve the various ranking factors for your website.

We’ll use Social Media channels, Email Marketing, Google Adwords and other products and techniques which are chosen to compliment your business.

We can take a full-on role in the website promotion, or we can simply provide the expert guidance and let you and your team manage the actual execution. Or any mixure of the two.

We Provide Web Training Courses

We Train… (coming soon)

We have a growing library of online training courses available to complete covering all aspects of Web use, Social Media and more.

We also provide bespoke training either on your premises or at our own location. Of course, you will receive free training with any project that you purchase from us, but we provide additional extra courses at a small cost or for our visitors to complete for themselves.

Build your knowledge and skills of using the most important tools and techniques for your business.

Questions that we are regularly asked by our clients

I need a new website for my business. Can you help me?

Yes, of course we can and we’d love to.  At Eseyo we spend most of our time building websites of all kinds. We use the latest technologies and platforms, and all of our work is search engine optimised as standard. Our website design projects leave you with a future-proof and scalable website which you can control and update yourself with ease.

I want my existing website to perform better in the search engines. Can you help?

Yes we can certainly help here. At Eseyo we are SEO specialists and take great pleasure in optimising your website to achieve a better result in the engines. We can work with you during your website creation, as a one-off audit and fix, or on an ongoing basis.

I know that I should be using Twitter and Facebook more effectively, but have no idea how to use them. Can you show me?

At Eseyo we are able to help in a number of different ways:

  1. We can teach you how to setup and maintain the most relevant and important social networks for your business
  2. We can simplify and automate many of these services for you so that you don’t have to worry about them
  3. And we can hand-hold you through the ongoing process of creating and publishing content

Whatever social media services you require please contact us and we will be happy to explain our services and provide you with a detailed and tailored proposal

I'd like to start a business selling online using eCommerce. How complicated is it?

There are a great number of factors that determine how complex an eCommerce project is. At its most basic, using the platform and tools that we have available it is not as complex or expensive as you may think.

As your business requirements expand and require more logic and features then the price adjusts accordingly. Our eCommerce platform is fully modular however so rest assured that upgrades are easy and cost-effective.

How do I send personalised emails to all of my customers, and track who opens them and what they look at?

Our email marketing toolkit is a very simple and cost-effective way of sending bulk emails to your customers or contacts. We’ll help you to setup the email templates for the messages, and show you how to use the tools, and then you are able to send emails out at a cost of only 1p per email.

In return for the 1p per email fee, and a very small “campaign send fee” of £5, you will receive detailed feedback on who opens your messages, what they looked at and what they clicked on.

If you’d like to arrange a demonstration of our email marketing toolkit and how it can help your business then please contact us.

My website receives lots of traffic, but visitors dont convert into sales. Can you help?

Getting visitors to your website is only one part of the website success checklist. First of all we must ensure that those visitors you receive are relevant to the products or services you provide. Once we have relevant traffic we must ensure that you present them with exactly the right information that they are looking for – and make their journey through your website as simple as possible.

We provide a range of Conversion Optimisation services to maximise your website traffic and learn what content your visitors want to see. We will work together to run a series of live tests which will prove which factors result in increased website conversions.

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