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Now using “Inbox” instead of Gmail. Initial thoughts…

Now using Google Inbox instead of Gmail

As of today, after some time waiting on the list to gain access, and after resolving a few technical glitches to get everything working with Google, I have now started to use the new Email client create my Google called Inbox.

This isnt an immediate replacement for Gmail, which remains a fantastic product and is still my recommended platform for hosting any of your business emails, but it is “Email reinvented” with some new ideas.

Inbox can run in parallel with Gmail, which is exactly how i am using it. I’m trialling it for the next two weeks as my primary interface to deal with emails (both using the web browser and the apps on my phone and tablet). I know that I can always switch back to the Gmail interface if it need it or if the feature that I am after isnt ready in Inbox yet.

So far so good… I like it and I like the way it works. Making my Inbox more of a to-do list where I can dismiss and snooze items is really interesting. Lets see how keen I feel in two weeks time!

If you’d like to find out more about this product then check out the Inbox website which you can find at

Alternatively, watch the intro video:

If you are an email client who uses Google Apps then please let meknow if you’d like me to enable this new service.