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FREE SEO Audit Report Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part in the success of any website. Making sure that your website was designed and built correctly is vital.

Many “professional” website designers get the basics of SEO completely wrong or even worse miss it all together.

Your website should be checked by a Search Engine Optimisation professional, to ensure that it is doing its job properly in attracting visitors to your website and ultimately generating more business for you.

What is an SEO Audit and why do I need one?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Audit is an examination of your existing website to check that it is properly setup to get the best possible ranking in search engines like Google. We will check for common errors and mistakes, and advise where best-practise has not been used.

We will check the following elements of your website:

– Basic Website Usability: its look, readability, and easiness to use

– Page Titles and Meta Information: is each page on your website describing itself properly to humans AND to search engines?

– Internal Navigation and Linking: are you making the most of the flow of “link juice” around your website?

– External Link Profile: who is linking to your website and what links do your competitors have that you don’t?

– Is your website Indexed properly by Google? Every page? If not, why not?

– Local SEO Check: Is your website setup to be effective for Localised searches, for example “Search engine optimisation in Brentwood”

What will I receive after you have completed the FREE SEO Audit?

When you request your FREE SEO Audit, we will spend around 30 minutes following our standard SEO Audit template. We will look for visibility issues, META issues, Content issues, Link issues, Image issues and Semantic issues.

If you are local to Brentwood, where our office is based, then our preferred method of delivery is for you to visit us where we will spend an additional 30 minutes talking you through the findings of the Audit and making sure that you understand what they mean, and how to remedy them.

Alternatively, we will send you a PDF report which will contain our notes as we examine each aspect of your website, and an overall summary giving information on how to fix any errors and the costs for us to do the work should you wish. (Note: If you visit us you will also receive a copy of this same PDF report).

Please bear in mind that this is not a complete and exhaustive Search Engine Optimisation Audit as this takes many hours and would require us to have “under the bonnet” access to certain elements of your website. This can be arranged if you would like so please just contact us and ask.

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