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Using Twitter and Linkedin for Business

Linkedin and Twitter are becoming as popular as Facebook for a large number of businesses across the world. While all of these are considered social media, they are different in the way that they are used. Linkedin and Twitter are better for short messages just to initiate contact with a client while Facebook is better for more personal interactions. Furthermore, Linkedin is better suited as a “front-page” for your company or as a place to approach new prospects with new business in mind, while Twitter is better suited to sending brief communications to your entire network of followers.

Making the most out of Linkedin

The best way to make the most out of Linkedin is to set up a company page and pay for a company profile. This way, whenever you get new staff in the company you can also request them to set up Linkedin accounts (if they haven’t already done so). Staff can use these accounts to network with new prospects.

Linkedin can also be used effectively as a research tool or a sounding board for ideas. A vast number of forums exist where users in every industry imaginable can discuss problems and issues in their respective fields. Your staff can have productive weekly or even short daily sessions where they research professional opinions about their field on Linkedin’s forums.

Linkedin can also be synchronized with your company’s blog to send out notifications about new posts to all of your connections and your staff’s connections.

Getting everything from Twitter that you can

Twitter is also a highly useful tool for any company or organization that has a huge network of followers. Twitter makes it incredibly easy to update your user base about latest developments in your industry, but it encourages short communiques of less than 140 characters. For this reason, it is best used to give instructions or send your users to audio, video, visual or text media.

Twitter can also be synchronized with all of your other digital social network assets. Users across Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook and many more will be notified simultaneously of your new postings and information.

As with Facebook, Twitter can also be customized and personalized with your brand. It makes sense to hire a professional team who will do this for you correctly so that you can put forward a great presentation for your potential and current clients.

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