eCommerce introduction

At its simplest, eCommerce is selling simple products or services online. Of course we can help you to do this, however eCommerce can also be so much more.

We can manage the integration to your chosen payment provider, and will provide assistance with the selection process if you need help.

We’ll also advise on the best or most appropriate solutions for calculating taxes, shipping and all of the other complexities of eCommerce.

Your online eCommerce business, created by Eseyo, will be powered using the most popular eCommerce platform available – WooCommerce.

eCommerce example solutions

  • Online Shop selling your products or services. Your own mini-version of!
  • An eLearning platform selling membership-based or purchasable training courses
  • A booking system for managing bookable resources – conference rooms, hire equipment, beauty salon sessions etc.
  • Forget the commerce part, we can turn eCommerce into a browsable product catalogue only with no purchasing.

eCommerce from your customers perspective

Customers will find shopping at your WooCommerce store easy and safe. We’ll be sure to provide the appropriate security signals to your customers so that they can buy with confidence.

We can also provide discount codes and coupons to help with your marketing efforts. These can be configured however you wish to use them and will surely increase your sales.

The whole email confirmation and processing chain is also simple using our platform. Get in touch and we’ll arrange a demonstration for you, or watch the video below.

At Eseyo we use a product called “WooCommerce” as the foundation for all of our eCommerce projects. Woocommerce is an established and reliable product that has been used on over 2,000,000 other websites.

By using WooCommerce you can relax knowing that your business is based upon a secure, simple, and refined platform that can then be customised and expanded to fit your particular requirements.

Extending WooCommerce is also very easy as due to its popularity there are a huge variety of add-ons and extras that can be purchased, or we can write something bespoke for you.

Let us show you just how easy it can be to setup your eCommerce business. The video on your right is an overview of the WooCommerce product. We’d also be happy to provide you with an “under the bonnet” tour of how it all works – call us today to book a live demo.

Talk with us today about your eCommerce website project

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