Conversion Rate OptimisationA quick overview of conversion optimisation.
What does it mean and how does it work.

The conversion rate of your website is the percentage of visitors who complete the action that you want them to perform when they visit. This may be purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter or just getting in touch with you.

There are many ways that the conversion rate of a website can be improved, using improved design and content, more obvious calls to action, popup messages and alerts, Live Chat and more.

A small increase in the conversion rate of your website, without any increase in additional traffic, can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your website.

Use our conversion calculator below to input the traffic and current conversions for your website (as best you understand them), and then adjust the other values to see the effect that the small conversion increase could bring you.

Conversion Optimisation: Here’s a few handy examples…

“Super Mega Sports UK” has an online shop selling sporting goods with an average value per order of £45.
Their current conversion rate is just 2.7%, generating approximately 80 sales per month from 3000 website visits.
By Improving the product page layouts and simplifying the checkout experience, the conversion rate increased to 4%.
The added value of business generated for the client represents an increase of £1755 per month.


“Professional Business Services Ltd” runs a local business with an average project value of around £2000.
Their current conversion rate is 1%, generating less than 5 enquiries per month from approximately 500 website visits.
By adding Live Chat and improving the site-wide call-to-action prompts, the conversion rate increased to 3%.
The added value of business generated for the client represents an increase of £20,000 potential business per month.

website design and SEO in Brentwood, EssexHow to use our Conversion Rate Calculator:

  • Item 1 is the number of visitors per month that your website receives. Your Google Analytics account should tell you this information.
  • Item 2 is the number of conversions that your website currently generates per month. A conversion means different things to different businesses. Input an estimated number of conversions that your business receives as a direct result of your website per month. Conversions could be considered as some or all of the following:
    a) Products sales via your online store
    b) Submissions of your website enquiry form
    c) Number of downloads of a specific document or resource
    d) Number of times your team have engaged in a live-chat session
  •  Item 3 is the optional value of a conversion from your website.
    a) For an eCommerce store, this could be the average value of one of your orders or products.
    b) For enquiry form submissions, this could be the potential value of an order placed for your products or services.
    c) For a specific download, this could be the value of a new customer or the average value of a typical sale or project.
    d) For measuring live-chat this also might be the average value of a typical project or order.
  • Item 4 is the value of business that your website generates per month based on the value of your previous figures. Where you have entered an average value of a project that you MIGHT win as the result of a website conversion, this value represents the POTENTIAL of your website revenue per month. When a conversion means an actual sale of a product or service then this value represents the REAL average value of your website revenue per month.
  • Item 5 is the current conversion % rate calculated from your previously input figures.
  • Item 6 provides you with a selection of possible values that Eseyo may be able to help you to achieve as an improvement to your existing conversion rate. Assuming THE SAME number of website visitors, if more of them engaged with your website and converted, you will see the potential value of new business that this would mean.
  • Item 7 is the calculated number of NEW conversions that your business could receive given the improved % above.
  • Item 8 is the calculated value of new business generated by your website.

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