If you want to turn your business goals into tangible results, then your website needs to be more than simply a pretty face.  Because real online success is achieved through a super smart digital marketing strategy.

That’s why the campaigns we design are smart-blended to include an appropriate mix of search engine optimisation (SEO), content copywriting, social media, email marketing, remarketing and Google Adwords for each.

By laser targeting digital marketing strategy we help our clients attract more clients.  With share-worthy content and online customer experiences designed to respond to clearly defined digital marketing goals.

Plus, with our bespoke analytics reporting built in as standard, it’s incredibly easy to track real-time results, and share sales lead information with your sales team.

Content for web pages

Quality on-page content is key if you want a website that works hard for your business.  On the one hand it demands smart SEO optimisation, but on the other it’s equally as important to create a website people actually want to read.

To achieve this, we begin by getting to know you, properly.  This is our chance to get to know your business, it’s USPs, target customers, competitors and challenges.  To understand want you want to say, and advise on the best way to say it.

From here we craft your online story, page by page.  Staying true to your tone of voice, cultivating your digital brand and always taking care to ensure that your website is a true reflection of your organisation.

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Content for search

We have a proven track record of building SEO optimised websites that increase online presence.  Allowing your business to be found quickly and easily through Google search.  This is made possible by SEO friendly content that sets out to engage as well as inform, persuade and convert.

From one off pieces to full blown content programmes.  Our team of professional copywriters take time to understand your business goals and customer needs before proposing and producing a range of digital content forms including: eBooks, white papers, case studies, infographics, blog posts, opinion pieces, brochures, newsletters and more.

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Content to drive conversions

Get more value from the visitors you already have (don’t just focus on gaining new ones). Boost your website’s conversion rate by increasing the number of leads you generate.  Our professional copywriters are experienced at writing sharp, compelling content for a wide range of conversion formats, including landing pages, calls to action, pop-up messages, eDMs, email nurture campaigns, social media and more.

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Email Marketing

Done well, email marketing can yield an incredible return on your investment.  It can strengthen the relationship you have with your customers or clients, make sure you remain front of mind in the decision-making process and improve conversion rates.

At Eseyo we’re huge fans of email marketing, and for good reason.  Did you know there are three times more email accounts than there are combined Facebook and Twitter accounts? That 90% of all email gets delivered to the inbox? And, that thanks to information overload, most people now prefer to keep social media personal and use their email inbox for formal, professional communication?

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Project Management

Most digital marketing projects involve more than just well written content. For many clients we manage the whole digital marketing process: creating a digital marketing strategy, tone of voice guide, project plans, briefing designers, and managing all parties to see the project through to sign off and delivery.

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