Eseyo is our name, and SEO is our speciality.

Search Engine Optimisation is at the core of everything that we do.

Whether you have an established brand with an existing online presence, or are a new startup with nothing online yet, we’d like to help you to build and improve your search engine rankings.

The SEO industry is sadly full of jargon and myth. We aim to demystify and talk in plain English with realistic and attainable goals.

We offer a tailor-made range of services depending upon your industry, current ranking, desire to perform the work yourself and of course budget and timescales.

What Does an SEO campaign Involve?

Our first step is to understand your business and your marketing goals. We then undertake a wide range of activities depending on your goals and budget

Keyword Research: The foundation of any SEO project is keyword research. Identifying the most appropriate keywords and placing a focus on these can be the difference between success and failure for many online businesses.

Full Website Audit: A comprehensive overview of your website will be completed to identify any current areas of strength and weakness. We will use this information to develop a strategy for the future.

Competition Analysis: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition can help offer invaluable advice for your own campaign.

On-Site Optimisation: Making sure that your website is setup correctly and is presenting the best possible picture of your business to Search Engines.

Off-Site Optimisation:The ongoing process of ensuring that the authority, trust and credibility of your website is as high as possible.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll prepare
a bespoke plan for your search engine optimisation campaign.

Creating awesome content is an SEO top priority…

We can help you to maximise your online footprint by creating new search engine friendly and keyword-rich content for your website.

Our Digital Content Strategy service exists for this exact reason and will help you to achieve good ranking results.

Search Optimising your existing page content

When publishing effective content it must be written to work for both humans and also search engines. We’ll audit and present your information in a way that remains human-friendly but that also best describes the things you so in a way that Google and other engines can make the best use of.

No guesswork – we live by the results in our reporting

Any SEO work that we perform will be backed up by evidence demonstrated in your website reporting tools. As our work continues, the reporting will continue to show its impact.

Working in this way we can refine our campaign over time taking advantage of successes along the way.

Never using outsourced or “quick win” products

Unlike so many other SEO services, we will not use cheap and unprofessional suppliers or tools to perform your SEO work. It will be completed by our team and not sent to India or uploaded into a magical “automatic SEO machine”. There is no one-size fits all solution to search engine optimisation, and so we’ll build a plan that is right for you that matches your expectations.

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