Attracting visitors to your website is only half the battle.
It doesn’t end there…

Conversion Rate Optimisation helps convert your website visitors into customers, therefore, improving your return on investment.

Different websites have different conversion goals. For some it is purchasing a product, others its completing a form, downloading a file or just plain getting in touch with you. Whatever the reason behind why your website exists, we can help to improve its conversion rate.

We have a collection of tried and tested tools that will help to turn your website into a conversion-machine. These tools include:

  • Inclusion of “Live Chat” to your website
  • Performing A/B Testing on your content to see which versions work best
  • Providing detailed Analytics reporting to understand your users and how they use your website
  • Designing and implementing effective “Call to action” prompts throughout the website
  • Providing popup alerts or messages at key points or actions on your website

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Conversion Optimisation in 4 easy steps:

If a website receives 100 visitors a day, and usually 1 person places an order (or completes any website goal), then there is a 1% conversion rate.

If you are able to increase this conversion rate percentage to 2% of visitors then without any additional traffic you have doubled the amount of business that the website generates.

By performing conversion rate optimisation in this simple example we have doubled the productivity and turnover generated by your website.

There are two stages to any Conversion rate optimisation work that we do. The first is an initial audit of the site where we look for common usability problems and correct these.

Once phase one has been completed we install tools that help us to test and measure the effect of the changes that we have implemented. After testing has finished we then modify your website and its contents with the proven results from the tests.

To perform conversion rate optimisation we need to “get inside the customers head” and become the customer. Business owners often “can’t see the wood for the trees” and assume that their customers know things about their products or business but infact they don’t. Besides, it might be more than your content that is the problem – what if your whole brand is creating the wrong kind of impression? The best way to find out is to test and measure.

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