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Search Engine Optimisation - Driving traffic to your website

We'll make sure that when people are searching for your business, products, or the services that you provide,
that your website and business information can be found.

Eseyo - Scott Griffiths

Eseyo is our name, and S-E-O is our speciality.

Search Engine Optimisation is at the core of everything that we do.

Whether you have an established brand with an existing online presence, or are a new startup with nothing online yet, we’d like to help you to build and improve your search engine rankings.

The SEO industry is sadly full of jargon and myth. We aim to demystify and talk in plain English with realistic and attainable goals.

We offer a tailor-made range of services depending upon your industry, current ranking, desire to perform the work yourself and of course budget and timescales.

What Does an SEO campaign Involve?

Our first step is to understand your business and your marketing goals. We then undertake a wide range of activities depending on your goals and budget

Keyword Research: The foundation of any SEO project is keyword research. Identifying the most appropriate keywords and placing a focus on these can be the difference between success and failure for many online businesses.

Full Website Audit: A comprehensive overview of your website will be completed to identify any current areas of strength and weakness. We will use this information to develop a strategy for the future.

Competition Analysis: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition can help offer invaluable advice for your own campaign.

On-Site Optimisation: Making sure that your website is setup correctly and is presenting the best possible picture of your business to Search Engines.

Off-Site Optimisation:The ongoing process of ensuring that the authority, trust and credibility of your website is as high as possible.

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Common Search Engine Optimisation Client Questions...

What are the Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird updates? How do they affect my website?

“Panda”, “Penguin” and “Hummingbird” are the code-names of updates that were made to the Google search algorithm. These updates have been responsible for a very significant change in how websites appear in the search results.

Panda” was a change designed to improve the way Google understands your website. Essentially, the Panda development gives Google the power to examine the quality of a website’s content. The logic being that Google has a vested interest in displaying only the highest quality content at the top of its search pages.

Penguin” tackles a different aspect of search – the links that point to wards your website from third parties. If you have low quality or unnatural links, or are making an effort to trick the search engine results then this update has the ability to penalise your site or ban it from the Google search results.

Hummingbird” is unlike the previous updates because it wasnt really an update but rather a complete re-write of the entire Google Engine.  With this release Google learned more about the intent behind the users search rather then just the words they searched for. It meant a re-think in how content is promoted to search engines.

Unless you understand these updates, and the continually evolving search engine algorithms, then any SEO work that you do could be ineffective or potentially damaging to your website.

Another company has performed SEO work for us. Can you verify that they have done their job properly?

This is certainly an option and we will always review any existing website that our clients have in details before we begin any work.

In some cases it makes sense to update an already-existing website, however it is quite frequent that we explain why it would be more beneficial and cost effective in the long-run if a new website were to be built.

We frequently relate the building of a website to the building of a house. With a house there is a significant amount of time and effort that goes into preparing the foundations that the house and only once these are stable can you build upon it. Unless the “framework” of your website is similarly solid, it is a false economy to perform work upon it at a large scale as it will not be cost effective.

I'd like to do as much SEO myself as possible. Can you provide the strategy and leave me to do the execution?

Many of our clients want to manage the execution of their Search Engine Optimisation themselves, but they lack the knowledge of what they should be doing and the priority to which they should be performing certain activities.

Eseyo are happy to provide the strategy and guidance, and work with our clients where required to make sure that they are achieving positive results.

If you’d like to perform your own SEO but just need advice and guidance please contact us.

I have seen cheap SEO services available to buy online. What is difference between these and the services you offer?

In the past it was possible to achieve moderate success in Search Engine Optimisation by outsourcing large parts of it to cheap offshore labour. Many links and other SEO metrics could be purchased for as little as $5, and if they didn’t work then it wasn’t considered a waste of money or effort.

Google has stopped this process and introduced a number of ever-improving techniques and algorithms to detect and penalise websites who are found to be performing these tactics. They contravene the Google terms of service and do not add any value. Furthermore, cheap outsourced SEO can actually damage your websites profile and take a long time to remove.

If you need to clean-up from poor or ineffective SEO we’d be happy to help – contact us today