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ReMarketing - Displaying targeted banner adverts using the Google network

Display your banners to anyone who has visited your website in the last 500 days! It looks like you're advertising EVERYWHERE!

An effective website with good SEO and web usability will help to increase this percentage, but even so a large number of your visitors will leave without ever buying your product, completing your sign-up form/enquiry form, or doing whatever it is that you wanted them to come to your website to do.

Remarketing is a way to re-target these people so that once a visitor has been to your website, as they then go on to travel around the web using other sites, your adverts will appear on these other websites (but only for those people who have visited your website within the last year and a half).

It sounds almost too good to be true, but for a very small monthly budget you will be able to remind your website visitors of your brand, can reinforce your identity and even ask these customers to return to your website?! There are no sneaky tactics or tricks. This is a legitimate form of advertising that uses part of the Google Adwords program.

Currently this technique is quite undocumented and hidden away within Adwords, but it is a very effective way of maximising the traffic to your website and at the same time creating the perception that your business is advertising on many large and expensive websites.

If you don’t understand exactly what I am taking about then let me explain this another way. My first experience of remarketing, and possibly yours too, was when one particular website seemed to follow me everywhere that I went. I knew a little about the company in question, including their size and other marketing techniques, and for a period of about a month, everywhere that I went online I saw adverts for this same business and I wanted my business to appear in the same way. Shortly after this a colleague showed me the secrets of remarketing and it has formed an effective part of my marketing ever since.


What do you need to do to start remarketing?

How much does ReMarketing cost?

Step 1 – Start Collecting Your Audience

The most important step is to configure your website so that it starts to add your website visitors into an “audience”. This pool of visitors needs to build to a certain threshold before step two can begin, and depending upon how busy your website is this could be anything from one day to a few weeks.

We’ll configure this audience pool to be active for as long as possible, so that your banners will be shown to these users as they browse other web pages for up to a year and a half.

Step 2 – Create your Banners and add them into rotation

The creation of your advertising banners and configuration of your campaign. There are many options in this stage and we will work with you to find the most appropriate for you.

Remarketing can be split into three costs as follows:

  1. Initial account setup and website tracking.
  2. Creation of campaign and associated banners.
  3. Ongoing monthly advertising costs.

1) Initial account setup.

This can be completed within an hour and requires access to your website CMS or source code. At this stage there are no ongoing advertising costs as your banners are not being displayed. All that is happening is that every visitor who comes to your website is collected and added to an audience that will start seeing your ads as soon as step 2 is complete. Once added into your audience, visitors will stay there for up to 540 days. This means that you have an opportunity to complete step 2 and market to these people for up to a year and a half.

We charge £50 + VAT to complete this part of the setup.

2) Creation of campaign and associated banners.

Your banners will be displayed over a vast network of websites including some of the Worlds largest brands. Different websites will use different sizes and shapes of banners, therefore it is advisable that we create between 5 to 10 versions of your banner so that you can be shown in the most places to your audience. It is very possible to create different sets of banners with differing messages, and we will happily talk you through how and why this works. We are also perfectly  happy to provide you with the guidelines so that you can engage your own creative team to produce these banners and we can then use these for the campaign. Because of the unique nature of this step in the process, costs do vary,  however a single set of banners and the setup of the account is usually charged at approximately £200 – £300 + VAT.

3) Ongoing monthly advertising costs.

As I said above, remarketing is a very cost effective way to re-target your website visitors. We usually structure our campaigns to focus on “impressions”, which means maximising the number of times that the banners are displayed. Traditional Google paid advertising (Pay-Per-Click) focuses on getting users to click your adverts as its priority but most times remarketing is more about brand building than click-throughs. With a small audience of less than 2500 visitors,  and a small website with low to medium traffic, the average spend for an effective campaign is between £10 and £50 each month. As your audience grows, so too will the cost to reach all of them to continue to display your banners, and at this stage there are options that we will discuss with you. You can either increase your budget inline with the size of your audience, or cap your budget and limit how many times your adverts are shown each day.

What are you waiting for? Remarketing is a “No-Brainer” decision.

Contact us today to begin the setup of your remarketing campaign.

Different Types and Sizes of ReMarketing Banners:


banner-120x600 banner-160x600 banner-300x250 banner-468x60

Now that you’ve been to my website, this means that you are also now part of my audience. Look out for my banners, shown below, as you visit other websites. Hopefully these will act as a reminder to the effectiveness of remarketing to reinforce your brand perception, re-target your existing visitors, and improve the effectiveness of your whole online marketing strategy.