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Blogging: Race to be ranked

2016 was the year blogging went intergalactic.  But I’m not talking about teenage girls’ blogging about lipstick; I’m talking about businesses.

The reason is that Google search algorithms recognise and reward businesses producing high-quality and relevant content way more than those firms who simply throw money at technical SEO.

So, in the race to rank (and keep ranking) SEO friendly landing pages need a bit more help.   Here’s what Jill Willis, Eseyo contributing copywriter, had to say:

If you want to appear high on Google search you must invest in blogging.  In fact, you must learn to love blogging.  More specifically (and technically) in long-tail searches with custom content developed specifically to speak to a target audience.

Your aim should be to become an expert, an information source, the place to go to have questions answered.

From white papers, to how to guides, best practice papers, top tips, behind the scenes interviews, case studies, research findings, photo diaries and more…

I recently came across an impactful statistic; long-tail searches now contribute 70% of search traffic.

In plain English, this means that people typing in a specific question, for example, ‘what is the best way to rank on Google?’ contributes most to searches on Google.

Plus, another stat.  65% of buyers say the quality of a website’s content impacts their purchasing decision.

In short, to rank and to keep ranking, custom content is imperative.


Bit about the author –

Jill Willis is an experienced copywriter and PR professional.  Working as part of the Eseyo team she delivers web landing page, blog and email newsletter content for a range of clients, helping to ensure their business story is engaging and delivers results.


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