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How to write effective content for your business blog

It is important to keep your blog up-to-date with relevant and current information.

Information that is appropriate for whoever your current audience is.

In this simple guide I will help to show you how to write effective content for your business blog.


1. Know (and understand) your Audience

First of all – do you know the audience for your business? Who is your typical client or customer?
Can you answer these questions:

  • Where do they live?
  • Why do they require your product or service?
  • Why would they choose to purchase from you rather than your competitors?
  • What other common interests or problems do your customers have?
When you have the answers to these questions understood then you can begin to write content that WORKS for that audience and is something that they want to see.
So let me tell you some facts about MY audience: They are mostly close to my office which is in Brentwood, Essex. Infact probably around 75% of my clients are within Essex.
All of my clients are businesses and most are small, medium or even “micro” in size. They all need help with getting their businesses online and all want to be found whenever THEIR audience search for them using Google or other engines.
Most of my clients have little knowledge of web technologies or SEO, and little time available to achieve anything effective for online marketing.
The aim of my blog therefore is to provide this audience with simple “bite-size” tips and tricks to help them to improve their own online marketing, search engine optimisation and social media activity.

2. REALLY know (and understand) your audience!

Ok, you have answered the above quick questions but could you know more?
  • Who do they follow on twitter?
  • Who do they like on Facebook?
  • What social events do they attend?
  • Which other brand loyalties to they have?
  • Where do your audience hang out online?
  • What other blogs do they read?
If you want to find these answers then there are simple ways and tools available to get them. Contact me and i’ll show you.

3. Produce EXCELLENT content.

You need to carefully plan and consider what you are going to write about.
Dont write crappy repetitive content that people will not find interesting – Spend the extra time and make your content brilliant and something that your audience are likely to come back to or to share with their social networks or colleagues.
Look at the kind of things that YOUR COMPETITORS and writing about and do it better.
Make your content LOOK INTERESTING. People do not enjoy pages of boring text. Use images and photographs to enhance your message and when possible visualise your story with infographics, graphs and other such media.

4. Get other people to write for you!

Ask your employees to write an article for your blog. Ask a client.
If not, we are able to help you to find good quality “guest bloggers” who will happily create content for you about your topic FOR FREE. You get to approve the content first and everybody wins.

5. Use tools to help you.

Right now i’m using a tool called Zemanta which is a free blogging tool that helps me to find other related articles about whatever I am writing about (you can see them listed below). It also helps me to find relevant images to support my content and appropriate links to add to my writing to make it more user-friendly.